How we do it

We combine ecological science, advanced mapping, and local partnerships to achieve large-scale restoration. Scaling restoration is crucial for the planet, and is uniquely positioned to get there.

Our projects

We’re restoring thousands of hectares in biodiversity hotspots in the Atlantic Forest, while partnering with local communities.

347 hectares planted

711 hectares of land

local partner communities


The region has suffered decades of environmental degradation with use destined to low productivity pastures. However, we are committed to changing this reality. Over the next 50 years, we will restore and preserve the site, transforming it into a Conservation Unit and ensuring the perpetuity of nature. In addition, we are working in partnership with local communities that help us with seeds and seedlings.

1.300 hectares for planting

2.100 hectares of land

5 local partner communities

We continue to expand our operations in the Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia, this time with Fazenda Belo Horizonte, known by locals as Fazenda Guarani.

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