Climate Week 2023 took part in the 2023 Climate Week in NYC, contributing insights and initiatives on how businesses can positively impact nature, society, and their bottom line, all while championing biodiversity and forest resilience.

At “The Business Case for Nature” panel, hosted in collaboration with CBDES Sustentável and the Brazil Coalition,’s chief scientist engaged in discussions with moderator Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran from The Economist, Marcelo Behar, VP of Sustainability at Natura & Co, Catherine Martini from Microsoft’s Carbon Removal division, and Mariana Sarmiento, CEO of Terrasos.

Some of the critical points raised by the panelists were:

  • The emergence of markets for ecosystem services.
  • Nature as an indispensable foundation in contemporary business models.
  • The potential for economic savings and life preservation through natural infrastructure.

Together, these leaders are illuminating the path to building prosperity by cherishing the natural world.

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