Nature’s Day: preserving to ensure everyone’s future

“Solutions for climate and nature must go hand in hand,” says Thiago Picolo – CEO of

The economist, who participated in the Climate Week in New York, explains what ecological restoration proposed by the company in the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest is, and talks about expanding to other biomes.

“ defines itself as an ‘ecological restoration’ company. What does that mean? We take areas that were deforested in the past, decades, or centuries ago, and restore the original ecosystem. We do this in the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest, with two significant advantages. One is the geospatial understanding, through algorithms and tools, to know where it is really worthwhile to invest in restoring a deforested area. Not only in terms of the capacity for that restoration to ‘sequester’ carbon, but also to contribute positively to promoting biodiversity and opportunities for communities nearby. The second advantage is that we master different restoration models. If you’re restoring a highly degraded area from the past, you’ll need more processes. In a region deforested more recently, you can work with natural regeneration itself. Understanding what to do is crucial. If you do something wrong, you might end up spending much more than necessary or spend too little and not have a high-quality forest.”

​​[Source: O Globo]

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