Web Summit 2023

The Web Summit is one of the world’s largest technology conferences and had its first edition in Brazil in 2023. re.green believes that climate discussions must be part of these global platforms to enhance the visibility of the urgent environmental challenges we face and to showcase the innovative solutions emerging to achieve climate goals.

At the Web Summit Rio, re.green made its debut on a panel featuring Bernardo Strassburg, the founder and chief scientist of re.green, and Mariana Vasconcelos, co-founder and CEO of Agrosmart, discussing how sustainability can transform our ecosystems. During the panel, they explored how science enables nature-based solutions to be implemented at scale.

Furthermore, at the event, re.green’s CEO, Thiago Picolo, hosted the Masterclass “Building nature-based solutions with trees and tech,” emphasizing the integration of technology and nature as the primary tool in combating climate change.

Read the article about re.green’s event here.

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